Quality Digitizing

Why is our Quality better then Others?

Do you ever wonder why your embroidery digitizing is not as good as ours? Is there a constant struggle to get the best in quality from your embroiderer?

Important Questions we Ask when Digitizing:

1) What type of fabric is this going on? Pique, Cotton Twill, Micro-fiber, Caps, Knit beanies and so on. Its important for us to know since all fabric embroiders differently.

2) What size logo are you expecting from this artwork? The bigger it is the better detail. The smaller it is the less stitches.

3) Is this design going to be used on other type of materials or type of garments caps  polo’s and beanies? We will adjust accordingly at no extra cost (If we digitized it ourselves)

Where is your digitizing being made?

Even if your embroiderer is able to get the digitizing does not mean it is made in-house.These are some important questions to know about your digitizer and embroiderer  to find out if they farm it out overseas.

1) How fast can a correction be made?

2) Are you charged edit charges when different fabrics or garments are being  stitched?

3) Do some materials look great and others sub-par on the same order?

4) Is your design updated to always look the best?

5) Does your embroidery digitizer explain what works and does not? Are they willing to give you alternatives?


3 Major Factors that determine the Quality of Embroidery:

#1 factor: Quality of digitizing.

#2 factor: Machinery and its upkeep.

#3 factor: Machine operators