Custom Logo Digitizing

The best machines and best machine operators cannot overcome a poorly digitized design. A digitizer must have years of experience running machines, hooping garments, and have the ability to visualize what a logo will look like embroidered. If your digitizer does not ask you questions, how do you expect to get back a good quality embroidery?

If a great digitizing is run on a machine that is out of timing or poorly setup for tension even the best design will look awful.

At Creative Eye Embroidery we ask a lot of questions to get your projects off the ground.

We do all of our digitizing and editing in house. We update and edit designs for all materials required. We do not charge an edit charge for digitizing we have done for you. Our digitizers have a combined industry experience of over 45 years.

If we feel that artwork that has been supplied will not work for the best quality we will discuss it with you or your graphic artist. We will explain what works and what does not. It is our policy to educate you the distributor as much as possible so your customer will have complete confidence that their product, brand and logo will always look its best. 

Do you ever wonder why your embroidery digitizing is not as good as others? Is there a constant struggle to get the best in quality?

Learn more about Digitization Quality.