Direct to Garment

What is Direct to Garment Printing DTG?

Direct to Garment Printing DTG is the process of printing directly onto the fabric. Think about the printer you have in the office or at home. Now imagine it 10x bigger but instead of paper, its shirts!

Why Choose Us?

You will get the Creative Eye Advantage!

True- There are a few Direct to Garment Printing DTG services you can find in Las Vegas. 

But we are the only ones that do what we do!

Everything You Need in ONE Place!

Not Only are we a 1-Stop-Shop for your Embroidery and DTG, We also can mix the two for amazing stand-out work for your customer!

1-2 day Turn Around

We do 1-2 day turnaround (add $25 per order) when supplied with correct artwork  and in-stock apparel chosen.

Delivers Locally Fast!

If you are in a hurry to get it to a Casino or ConventionT.! center, we will happily deliver with local carriers! (Blind Shipping available!)

We also are part of SanMars P.S.S.T.  Program


Our Range of Colors

We can print anything from super simple, to photo quality! The possibilities are endless!

cute kawaii adorable parakeet bird DTG printed shirt
photo parakeet pet dtg printed shirt

Rainbows of Fabric!

We can print on Any 100% Cotton Garment!

Can’t wait for the next day to get the color garments in?

We have Black and White shirts in stock for those emergency situations! 

(1 day turnaround fees still apply)

Ready to get Some Direct to Garment Printing DTG?

We have a Friendly staff ready to reply right away with your quote!