DTG Process

How do we DTG?

All of our DTG  is done In house, right in our factory! 

First- We need your image! Please refer to here for best quality information!

Before we start printing, we first need to know the color of the shirt we are going to be printing on.

Why you ask?

Well, we need to know if we need to pretreat the shirts or not! This is a very important step. If the shirt is white, no pretreatment is needed! which can save a little on costs, and makes getting your shirts much quicker!

If the garment is dark, or even just colored, we need to do a pretreatment. What this does is helps the white ink stick to the fabric.

Epson Pre-Treatment Fluid is ECO-PASSPORT Certified by OEKO-TEX. This is an international safety standard in the textile industry. It certifies Epson Pre-treatment fluid is safe for adults and children, including babies.

Next we Heat Press the shirts- this helps lock down fibers and quickly dry the fabric.

*Please Note: The process of pretreatment will leave a dark mark where it is pressed. This WILL wash out in just 1 wash.
Red, Orange, and some heather gray shirts do have problems getting this mark removed. We do suggest using other colors if this bothers you.

We program your design into the computer, making sure all the settings are correct for the perfect print!  Next we align the shirt onto the platen, making sure its centered where it needs to go. Once it’s ready it begins to print your design right onto the fabric!

Finally, we heat press it one more time to lock in the ink!

Your Garment is Now Complete!

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